Phoenix PLT-SEC-T3-230-FM-PT

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Type 2/3 surge protection, consisting of protective plug and base element with Push-in connection. For single-phase power supply network with integrated status indicator and remote signaling. Nominal voltage: 230 V AC/DC
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Product properties
IEC power supply systemTN-S
TypeDIN rail module, two-section, divisible
Product typeDevice protection
Number of positions2
Surge protection fault messageOptical, remote indicator contact
Insulation characteristics
Overvoltage categoryIII
Pollution degree2
IEC test classificationII / III
T2 / T3
EN typeT2 / T3
Number of portsOne
Electrical properties
Connection nameRemote fault indicator contact
Switching functionChangeover contact
Operating voltage250 V AC
125 V DC (200 mA DC)
Operating current0.5 A AC
0.5 A DC (75 V DC)
Connection data
Connection methodPush-in connection
Conductor cross section flexible0.2 mm² ... 2.5 mm²
Conductor cross section solid0.2 mm² ... 4 mm²
Conductor cross section AWG24 ... 12
Width17.7 mm
Height101 mm
Depth74.5 mm (incl. DIN rail 7.5 mm)
Horizontal pitch1 Div.
Material specifications
Colorlight grey RAL 7035
traffic grey A RAL 7042
Flammability rating according to UL 94V-0
CTI value of material600
Insulating materialPA 6.6-FR 20 % GF
PA 6.6-FR
Housing materialPA 6.6-FR 20 % GF
PA 6.6-FR
Protective circuit
Mode of protectionL-N
Direction of action1L-N & N-PE
Nominal voltage UN240 V AC (TN-S)
240 V AC (TT)
Nominal frequency fN50 Hz (60 Hz)
Maximum continuous voltage UC264 V AC
Rated load current IL26 A (at 30 °C)
Residual current IPE≤ 5 µA
Standby power consumption PC≤ 26.4 mVA (at UREF)
≤ 26.4 mVA (at UC)
Reference test voltage UREF264 V AC
Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs5 kA
Maximum discharge current Imax (8/20) µs10 kA
Combination wave UOC6 kV
Voltage protection level Up (L-N)≤ 1.25 kV (at UOC)
≤ 1.4 kV (at In)
Voltage protection level Up (L-PE)≤ 1.4 kV
Voltage protection level Up (N-PE)≤ 1.4 kV
TOV behavior at UT (L-N)400 V AC (5 s / withstand mode)
457 V AC (120 min / safe failure mode)
TOV behavior at UT (L-PE)457 V AC (5 s / withstand mode)
457 V AC (120 min / withstand mode)
1464 V AC (200 ms / safe failure mode)
TOV behavior at UT (N-PE)1200 V AC (200 ms / safe failure mode)
Response time tA (L-N)≤ 25 ns
Response time tA (L-PE)≤ 100 ns
Response time tA (N-PE)≤ 100 ns
Short-circuit current rating ISCCR10 kA AC
Max. backup fuse with branch wiring32 A (gG / B / C)
Additional technical data
Short-circuit current rating ISCCR0.25 kA DC (Without additional backup fuse in the DC branch wiring)
5 kA DC (for 20 A gG / B backup fuse)
Residual voltage Ures (L-N)≤ 1.15 kV (at 2 kA)
≤ 1.25 kV (at 3 kA)
≤ 1.1 kV (at UOC = 4 kV)
Residual voltage Ures (L-PE)≤ 1.1 kV (at 2 kA)
≤ 1.1 kV (at 3 kA)
≤ 1.2 kV (at UOC = 4 kV)
Residual voltage Ures (N-PE)≤ 1.1 kV (at 2 kA)
≤ 1.1 kV (at 3 kA)
≤ 1.2 kV (at UOC = 4 kV)
Maximum continuous voltage UC275 V AC
240 V DC
Mode of protection(DC+) - (DC-)
(DC+/DC-) - PE
IEC test classification (in accordance with IEC 61643-21)D1
Impulse durability (wire-wire)D1 - 500 A
Impulse durability (line-earth)D1 - 500 A
Pulse discharge current Iimp (10/350) µs (line-line)0.5 kA
Pulse discharge current Iimp (10/350) µs (line-earth)0.5 kA
Environmental and real-life conditions
Ambient conditions
Degree of protectionIP20
Ambient temperature (operation)-40 °C ... 80 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport)-40 °C ... 80 °C
Altitude≤ 2000 m (operating voltage remote contact ≤ 250 V)
≤ 6000 m (operating voltage remote contact ≤ 150 V)
Permissible humidity (operation)5 % ... 95 %
Shock (operation)30g (Half-sine / 11 ms / 3x ±X, ±Y, ±Z)
Vibration (operation)5g (5 ... 500 Hz / 2.5 h / X, Y, Z)
Standards and regulations
Standards/specificationsIEC 61643-11
Standards/specificationsEN 61643-11
Mounting typeDIN rail: 35 mm


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